Editor | Ghostwriter | Writing Coach

I understand how much time and effort writers put into their work, and I enjoy working with authors to prepare their manuscripts for publication. I edit and translate fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, screenplays, journal articles, scholarly monographs, dissertations, textbooks, and more.

Below is a brief description of the services I offer. For a full understanding of my editorial services, please see my post about the editing process.

Manuscript Development
For book ideas, I carefully evaluate the premise(s), identifying weak points and making suggestions for story and character development. If you have a work in progress, I can assist with research and areas of your manuscript that need improvement or further development. For completed manuscripts, I extensively review the premise, plot structure, pacing, characters, dialogue, and marketability.

I perform developmental, line, and copy editing using tracked changes and comments. My revisions will not conflict with your voice as an author.

Once your work is in its final layout, I review it for the basics, such as typos and punctuation, as well as for heading and chapter inaccuracies, spacing issues, and other common layout problems. If your editor kept a style sheet, I review it to make sure the text is consistent with the style sheet.

I offer Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation. I also edit and proofread in Spanish.

I can assist you with co-writing or ghostwriting your manuscript. I also write magazine and web articles and business copy for corporations. I do not participate in unethical practices, such as writing academic papers or college entrance essays.

It is an exciting time to be in publishing. Many self-publishing companies are opening the doors for new voices, but they do not offer high-quality editorial solutions. Read this post for more information about working with me.